Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Squalicum Beach with Madeline

Last night was such a beautiful end to a somewhat couldy day. I was looking for my tripod...but left it in the trunk of my photographer friend's car. I second shoot weddings with Aaron (Check out: when his wife is busy, and left my equipment in there after last weekend's wedding--I had no tripod for my beach shoot, but I got some fun ones of Madeline.



Tracy said...

I put that first one of Madeline as my desktop background at work! I love it!

jewels said...

Thanks Trace! I think that one might be my fav! Do you want me to send you the full sized file?

How was my spelling?


Aaron said...

Okay this would be a perfect setting for trash the dress don't you think? sunflare and a sandy beach:) these are great.