Monday, April 21, 2008

The Kubanda Family

We had so much fun goofing off during our photoshoot at the Kubanda House. I photographed Mike and Susan with both their sons, and their girlfriends. Missing from the photos are their daughter and son-in-law living in Ohio.  I thought about photoshopping them in, but decided against it! :) Susan has also been battling a very aggressive form of breast cancer, and received her bi-lateral mastectomy earlier this week. She is up and walking around, and trying to do chores--despite dr.'s orders.  Luckily her sister flew in from Texas to help out over the next few weeks. I was able to photograph Susan's head after all the Chemotherapy, and I think she is still stunningly beautiful even w/o hair! :) I've posted a few of those photos below. Enjoy the Kubandas: Mike, Susan, Gabe and Adoree, Carman and Mandy!




Gabe and his gorgeous girlfriend Adoree.


Carman and his beautiful girlfriend, Mandy, they have so much fun together!


Susan's beautiful head with out hair! :) It was pretty chilly outside while shooting.


Gabe is in a LA band, Letters Burning, and they have a new EP "Simple Thoughts and Tragedy", produced by Sean O'Keefe (Falloutboy, hawthorne heights, plain white t's, less than jake) which was just released! :)



Mike and Susan! :)  I love how they are smiling with their eyes in this photo!


Bobbi said...

These are amazing Jewels! There are too many favorites to just pick on but I love that second one and the one of him jumping in the back of the truck.

Mandy said...

These look so awesome, Jewels! I love all the natural looking expressions. Your colors, as always, are so great!

April said...

these are awesome..i love that last picture..those are some great smiles. you do such a great job!

heather taylor photography said...

Looks like such a fun session- you did a beautiful job!

Amy said...

What a fun session, looks like they had a great time! My favorite two shots are of Gabe and Adoree where you only see them holding hands in the back of the truck and Carman jumping over Mandy. I hope I got those names straight! I love the ones of Susan too. :)

Tracie said...

Great job Jewels, looks like you really captured the character and personality of this family.

RAE said...

You captures some wonderful moments with this family. All the photos are awesome...I just can't pick a fave!

Becky said...

Great family photos. Sending all my good thoughts to her. Fight the good fight, Susan!

Aaron said...

Great set of photos!! And their are so many, great work!

Carol said...

I haven't seen my cousin in decades. Thanks for these wonderful photos of a beautiful-inside-and-out family.