Monday, June 2, 2008

New York Recap

I've been home from New York for a week, and I can hardly even begin to describe what an amazing trip it was. I was working for Alee & Press at the New York Stationery Show. Amanda launched her line of custom letterpress wedding stationery, baby announcements, and note card line. We were blown away by all our visitors. I just loved meeting Grace from Design Sponge! You can also check out the feature of our line on her blog, Pre Show Feature (yes those are my photos for the pre-show feature), and Post Show Feature. I've been reading her blog for a couple of years, so meeting Grace was super cool! We had our share of great magazine editors and directors visit our booth also, the style director for Martha Stewart Weddings, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens, Brides Magazine, Sprig, Country Living and such! I'm also excited for all the retailers around the world who are now selling Alee & Press products! If you check out her site, you can see more of the photography I did for her! The site is still undergoing transformation, but amazing things are on the way! YAY!

Each night after the show, we would take the subway into West Village, walk around to find the perfect restaurant, then end the night with cupcakes and banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery! :) YUM. I wish I could overnight some to my house right now! On our last night in the city, we watched a film crew set up to film a movie scene starring Catherine Zeta Jones!! :) We were eating by the window, and were just a couple feet away from her. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me that night (they probably would have thought me to be paparazzi). We aren't part of the filming area, but I can't wait for it to come out and think, "I was there!" when the scene comes up! I think the title of the movie is Rebound...but I could be wrong!

Here are a handful of photos from our time in NY. Since we were inside all day, I did not have a lot of time to do photography, but I did manage to sneak in a very quick shoot with Amanda's parents. They just returned back from a show, and since they were all dressed up, I thought a midnight photo shoot in Time Square would be perfect! :)


Some of Amanda's Products:






Booth Before:


Booth Set Up:



Booth After:




Amanda and me on our last day!


Our super cool building, the Javits Center:



Taking the Subway:




Walking around to find that perfect restaurant:


And Jeff and Sandy in Times Square:
(the elevator kiss)










Becky said...

The products are beautiful and your subway shots are super cool! And you're taller than I pictured by looking at your avatar LOL.

Chell said...

LOVE the product shots. Great job on those, and oh that subway shot is fun!!

Molly said...

These are great. I can't wait till my kids are old enough to be able to take them into the city and be able to shoot at the same time. I really wish I'd been into photography when I lived there.

jewels said...

Becky! :) LOL I'm 5' 10" (Amanda is a bit shorter than me though, so I do look taller) :)

Val said...

Awesome photos jewels! I love the ones where you can just feel the motion.

Sara said...

Great product shots, and you rocked the subway shots!
The night/Times Square pics are so fun; I like the shots of the movement but focused on their hands.

Mom2Drew said...

What a delightful series of photographs! It's making me itch for NYC--I soooo want to go back. The subway movement is outstanding and the products are lovely, simple and clean...just what I would want.

Reds said...

Love these! The product pics, the subway and the cute couple! All of them!! :) Celine

Cindi Koceich said...

Wow...what beautiful stationary!
And, I really love the subway shots!!

Kristina said...

You rocked those product shots! Love 'em--both the photos and the products themselves. NYC looks so fun. Never been, but would love to go!

Amy said...

Great product shots, beautiful items! My favorites are the subway shots and I'm so excited to see these because I'll be there a week from today for an entire week w/o kids! My sis lives there and I'm going to visit her, I have twice before, but with my girls. This will be sister time, she's totally into photography too, so we'll spend the majority of our time "shooting"!

Bobbi said...

First off, so jealous you got to go to NY!! I love the booth and the stationary. Her parents are just the cutest, love those time square shots and all the pretty colors.

Michelle said...

wow! looks like you had a fun filled, busy trip! your product shots are so detailed. and i love the new york shots.

Tori said...

These are awesome Jewels! I adore NYC... it's my favorite place to visit. I absolutely love the subway shots.... very cool!

Nicole said...

That sounds like the coolest thing ever! I love the subway shots, so perfect for the location.

--sme said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your city shots! They are so vibrant and make me feel like I was right there when you shot them! It looks like you had a great trip!

Margaret said...

Those product shots are just amazing, Jewels! Love them. Sounds like such a great trip! Wow! I love all your shots in and around NY, too. I've never been there, but hope to someday....Looks fabulous!

Suzy said...

Awesome product shots! Love all of these!

Diana said...

products are awesome and you really made me feel like i was there enjoying the new youk life

Stacey said...

I just love the subway shots. They encompass the feel of new and little blurry. The couple shots at the end are incredible too. Nice job!

pat said...

Jewells, you did an awesome job with your product photos--the depth of detail on them is perfect. Really got a sense of the weight and quality of the paper. LOVE the subway shots!!

Jess said...

WOW, what an amazing trip! I am so thrilled for you and your friend! I love all of your shots... I really felt like I was there!

*Jennifer* said...

Awesome subway shots!

Angela2932 said...

How fun! I love your b&w subways shots; the bit of blur really gives a sense of action and helps create the mood of the photos. And the handholding photos are very moving and sweet. Your trip looked like lots of fun!