Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Madeline's First Day of Pre-K

Chris and I just sent Madeline off to Pre-K at Bellingham Christian School. :) She found her name hook, walked right in, greeted Mrs. Carter and went to playing. She didn't even notice us leave! HA. I'm excited for this school because some of my friends from college now teach there, and it's fun to see them! Anyways, here's Madeline giving her best 30 seconds for photos she didn't want to take. Oh, and yes, her hair is short. We went to Mandy at Studio Galactica to get it fixed, after she tried to cut it herself... I'll attach a before photo!



Yes, It's a slug...


And, Madeline's own take on cutting her hair!



Bobbi said...

Hey it's about time you blogged ;) Blaze's teacher was Mrs Carter at his Christian school too and she moved how funny would it be if it was the same one lol. She looks so happy on her first day, love her hair!

Aaron said...

so? house to yourself... Does this mean, back to work? or back to sleep?

Jess said...

Yeah, what Bobbi said. ;) I've only been waiting, like, a zillion years for a new post from you! But this one is SO worth it. What an awesome milestone day for you and Madeline! So sorry to hear she cut her hair... I am dreading the day K does that (cause I KNOW it's coming!).

SO... how's that "secret" coming along? Anything to announce yet? Or do I have to remain in suspense for a while longer? *sigh*

Lara said...

Hi! Sorry we didn't connect over the kids' parties this summer--that last school pic where she's looking up is priceless! Hope your enjoying Fall and maybe we can find time for a playdate before too long!
Lara (Lili's mom)