Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jeff and Vicki Wedding *bellingham wedding photographer*

Jeff and Vicki were married at the beautiful Bellingham Golf and Country Club. The day welcomed us with rain, but we kicked it inside, warm and cozy! Vicki was classy and relaxed, and Jeff was really relaxed too, and l know why! :) Can't say on here, but if you get a chance to talk to him, he'll share the details! I also had the pleasure of taking my good friend Chris Frerichs with me to help shoot the wedding. Chris actually did our family portraits a couple years ago so it was fun to work with him from the other side of the camera. The ceremony was beautiful. Jeff and Vicki wrote vows to each other, and when Jeff started to read his, I couldn't help but laugh! He, somehow, in the most eloquent way, had taken lyrics from popular songs to express his love to Vicki. It was amazing. The crowed was in hysterics laughing one minute, then the tenderness at the end had us all crying, even Jeff. They were the best vows I've ever heard, "I'm forever yours---faithfully," Jeff said to Vicki (taken from a Journey song). So even though the rain poured harder than it had in months, it didn't hinder anyone's spirit, love, or especially dancing abilities!! And wow, can I say there was some amazing dancing! Jeff and Vicki, it was so much fun to be a part of your wedding day! Enjoy your photos!











And there's nothing like a little elevator smootchin!!


Amanda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! You rocked it again!
I love the candid shots of the wedding party. I love how they aren't posed. Now if my photographer can just pull this off for my wedding. You'll need to give some pointers!:)

Jena Photography said...

Awesome! My favs are the umbrella shot and the 2nd to last photo.

Amy said...

Beautiful beautiful shots! I love the umbrella shots. That last one is too sweet!

Becky said...

These are amazing!!! I love all the different looks. So beautiful.
And his vows: swoon!

Jackie's Shot said...

Lovely shots. Looks like a wonderful day. ~Jackie

Chell said...

Oh wow these are great!!

Suzy said...

WOW these are just gorgeous!! I love them all!

Mandy said...

I just love the photo of them and the umbrella. Its so breathtaking. If I get married again (haha) will you come take my photos!


Reds said...

Wow!! Beautiful wedding photos!! Love the details, the pp, everything!!! Love the kiss with the wedding party around them - too cute!!

Gypsy Girl said...

Awww sweet. I like the b/w nice.

Gypsy Girl said...

Awww sweet. I like the b/w nice.

pat said...

Awesome, Jewells!!!! What wonderful shots...very nice.

Mom2Drew said...

I really like the angle to that dress...way cool!

Jess said...

These are fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE that umbrella shot! Way to go making the best of the situation, you really rocked it!

jaw515 said...

Very beautiful Julie!! You certainly did a lovely job and love the slideshow as well!