Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where have I been??

Ok, I took a way too long break from blogging, and I have no excuses! I am, however, alive (thanks for all those concerned). And I did not go into pre-term labor (thanks again for the emails wondering if I had). I've just been enjoying my last trimester of pregnancy...maybe a little too much (No, I only like one twist in my lemonade--thankyouverymuch).

I am so excited to show these next few images with you! An amazing photographer, Emily Weaver Brown, in Seattle, did my maternity photos. I would recommend her to anyone looking for newborn, family, or maternity photography. Her work is impressive and the quality is amazing. I also had the privilege of looking at her film portfolio too! I am just so happy to have these photos to remember being pregnant! They are beautiful! Thanks for letting me share these, Emily!









Steph :o) said...

LOVE the pix, Jewels!! Thank you for updating to let us know you're alive -- and that you're not in preterm labor. LOL!

Alana Adams said...

super cute! Can't wait to see a baby!

Aaron said...

yeah, new blog... I really like the third one still. simple but awesome! See you in a couple of hours.

Mandy said...

Your rock gorgeous. I love Emily's photos...she really knows how to capture people in their true form.

Amy Parsons said...

Love love loooooove these photos! You are gorgeous!!!

thefullnelson said...

you are one hot momma!!! and you're right -Emily is an amazing photographer!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!

Malia said...

How cute are you, Jewels! Beautiful photos of a beautiful pregnant belly. I love them :)

Mary said...

You look so good! I love the photos, what an amazing way to remember the pregnancy!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

Jewels, you are TOO cute