Sunday, April 26, 2009

Newborn Baby Cooper {bellingham newborn photographer}

Well, it's clearly been a while since I've been around. We have been enjoying being a family of 4, and I've been enjoying my maternity leave. That's the nice thing about owning your own business... you get to declare your own length of leave! ;) Well, I am slowly starting to take on small shoots---no weddings for a while, but I will be taking 2010 reservations :) But enough of that talk, I'm so super excited to show you some scrumptious photos of Cooper Fuller. You might remember his sister Londan from last year... yes they are 14 months apart (Go Mom and Dad)!!! He and Clara are becoming best buds, he even bought her a bracelet!! But with out further ado, here is Cooper.






Mary said...

Very Cute Julie, I hope you're doing well!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

he's so delicious just like his sisters... and jewels, these are amazing and beautiful!!!

RAE said...

Glad to see you posting again. You got some great shots. Love the little mouth close-up!