Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love my Moby Wrap *bellingham photogrpaher*

Clara is a very persnickety baby. She isn't colicky, she just knows what she wants and cries until she gets it. Mostly that "something" is sleeping on my chest, or Chris' chest... or she just HAS to be held standing up. She fights sleep, thinking she might miss out on life. It's really cute, but tiring for all of us. So my saving grace has been my Moby Wrap. There are so many different carrying styles, and it is so soft and comfortable. Clara has been a happier baby since I've been using it. Coincidence? Maybe. But that's fine by me! Here is Clara bundled in the Moby. I'm doing the best I can photographing her with my camera in the air and me shooting blindly!




Tracy said... cute! She cries so much because she misses her Aunt TT. ;)

jennie said...

Doodle Bug...little wormie...:) love this ...take more!

Chantel said...

No, I think she misses me Tracy!!

Jennifer Fawbush said...