Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soccer Mom *bellingham photographer*

I experienced my first season of being an official "Soccer Mom." It was everything I hoped it would be---and more... OK. So I really had no expectations since I still know nothing about soccer, and I'm a Harrell. All Harrell boys are soccer players, and I don't know how my husband looked passed this "flaw" of mine when he chose to marry me. Luckily for him, Madeline has taken a liking to the sport. I love the Whactom County Youth Soccer Association because the young kids play games of 3 v 3 so they can learn the sport better. Of course there's still a lot of random cartwheels on the field with these 5 year old girls! Here's to our first season of Soccer! Great job Madeline scoring your goals!







Anonymous said...

Jaden will start soccer in the fall. Not sure if I'm ready for the wind and rain that comes with soccer. =)

Shannon said...

Hi Julie-
So glad you posted this as we're moving to B'ham in a month and have been wondering how to get Lucy on a team. Can't wait to be a soccer mom, now all I have to do is get a minivan. Look forward to seeing you when we move!