Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day 2009

My darling husband celebrated his 5th Father's Day (6th if you count while I was pregnant). First off, both Madeline and Clara were dedicated at our church, then we enjoyed a relaxing Sunday afternoon, followed by having some good friends over for homemade chicken pesto pizza and a rousing game of Carcassonne. I won. (Well, I won while I was feeding Clara on the couch, and 3 people were making decisions for me for a good part of the game). There was a beautiful sunset to finish the day off... well that and coffee and lemon cake! Oh, and I bet you are wondering what we got him: Sour Patch Kids, Sweetarts, Lindt Milk Chocolate, and a cribbage game :)






Vanessa said...

Sounds like a really fun fathers day! Love the images!

Steph :o) said...

Hey, Jewels! I miss ya!