Saturday, July 11, 2009

Punk Daughter

My lovely little princess 5 year old has turned a new leaf. She is going to be 6 next week, and since Aunt Tracy can't come to her birthday party, she and soon-to-be Unlce Brandon took her out for "speshy time." They let her pick out any toy (s) she wanted from the toy store, I'd love that for a gift! Of course Madeline chose the hair dye kit for kids. It washes out after one use, and of course my sister called me to make sure that this was OK, but hearing Madeline excitedly and repeatedly tell me, "No more blond Mom!! NO MORE BLOND... forever, it's going to be red and blue..." well, I kinda want my little princess back! Here she is, posing like she's big business...





Amanda said...

oh my god. these are hysterical! That last one just kills me... when did she get so big. Ugh, she's my ultimate reminder of how old we're getting and how long ago college was. dang.

Jennifer Fawbush said...

She is too funny, Jewels! I adore her! And I LOVE the picture of Tracy and her honey!

Sarah Alston said...

Oh my GOSH we just did this with Arianna! I blogged it-

Your daughter is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!