Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Clara Joyce 6 months old *Bellingham Baby Photographer*

I just wrote every cliche about time you can think of... then deleted each sentence. It sounds crazy to say "time goes by so fast" or "where does time go?" or "I can't believe how fast time flies..." but really, it's true. Please, if you have another way of saying this that doesn't sound so redundant, please do share!!! I cannot believe Clara is 6 months old (going on 7 actually). Today, we attempted a photoshoot to celebrate the mid-year mark. After an hour of looking for good fall leaves we settled into our spot. Not more than a handful of frames into the shoot, my trusted old camera took it's last breath. My friend, Aaron, let me borrow his Nikon in hopes of finishing my session--however as soon as we resumed shooting, it started to rain. Clara was crying. Chris thought she was cold and wet--I think it's because I switched to Nikon. The tears say it all below!



See, she's practically saying, "No mom, not the Nikon!!!" ;)


Aaron said...

Well I think the truth is that she was crying because she couldn't believe it took so long for you to shoot her with a Nikon. So she's practically saying- "No mom, why did you take so long to use a Nikon... And now it's raining, baahhhh".

PS these photos are so cute! Congrats on 6 mos. lil Clara.


Jennifer Fawbush said...

Well, there's no doubt she's the sweetest baby in Bellyham but she CAN'T be crying about the Nikon! It has to be the rain...

Tracy said...

Awww...how cute! I love the smiley black and white one!

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Hi from a fellow Two Peas poster! :) What a cutie! You got some really great shots!

Andrea said...

Six months? Really?! When did that happen? She is adorable Julie, and photographs well too! I know you know this but savor these next 6 months of babyhood - they are gone in a flash but you'll always have the memory of the peices you savor!

Tonya said...

My goodness Jewels, I can't believe how much she looks like her sister!! And I would totally cry too if someone took my pic with a Nikon!!