Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tucson Photos #1

Last week we headed down to Tucson to visit family and to shoot a wedding. Well Madeline stayed behind in Bellingham because she had school--so my mom came up for the week to spoil (I mean stay) with her! :) Chris' brother and his wife opened an urban coffee shop in downtown Tucson a couple months back, Avenue Coffee. Hands down it is THE best coffee I've ever had in my life. We enjoyed hanging out in their cute shop and meeting all their regulars, drinking fun drinks and eating yummy pastries (I recommend a cocount mocha and a warmed cinnamon roll). We spent some time swimming and visiting with friends in addition to the wedding (pics from the wedding to come soon!) Anyways, here are a few sunset plant photos I took. I can never get over the cactus plants! They just are so COOL!




Unknown said...

Wait...that's it. Cactus? hmmmmm I'll be patient. Teez

Katie & Curt said...

you are so incredibly talented my friend. And sorry I have been totally A-WALL. I am the flakiest of friends these days -- school has me stressed and crazy busy! I would LOVE to catch up soon. Gosh I love your photos.....
:) Love you Jewels!!!

Shelby Friesen said...

These are beautiful! When can we talk photog together?