Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elle 7 days new *Bellingham Newborn Photographer*

Do you want to see the most precious baby girl ever? Oh, I just could have held her the whole time, all 6 pounds of her cuteness!! I still sometimes think my own baby is still a tiny baby but I forget just how small newborns are. Plus they are SOOOO snuggly. LOVE IT!! Megs joined me in helping soothe and shoot, I think we did a good job eh? (The Canadian is rubbing off on me, must be the Olympics). Kyle and Christy thanks so much for making the long drive up to Bellingham, Elle is so special, you are beyond blessed!


Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

I {heart} this one! She just needed a minute re-compose :)
Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

oooooohhhhh baby lips!!
Julie Harrell

Megs got these next 2 images. I love the perspective of the first one. Megs was shooting incognito throughout the whole session--even during times of holding and rocking to sleep. She captured a tender moment with Daddy and his new daughter.
Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell


Ashley said...

Those are so presious! A wonderful miracle. Praise God!

Lindsay said...

Absolutely precious!

Megjnelson said...

I can't get over the 'I need to re-compose' shot!!! Elle - you were a wonderful model!!!

Aaron said...

The face covering one and the lips. You rocked this shoot! Way to put in the work and get really great results!

six0six design said...

really beautiful photographs

Anonymous said...
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Martins Kikulis Photography said...

Great job here! I really like your approach to children photography, it's fantastic!