Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Clara Joyce

Clara is as feisty today as the day she was born. I remember being in the hospital, dying for only an hour of sleep and she would not even spend a minute in those little bassinets they give you, and she just cried unless I was standing up holding her. Even right by my side she was not happy. I begged the nurses for a binky, just to help calm her down (instead I got a lecture on why I should not introduce one). Yes I understand the dilemma with breastfeeding, but they should have seen the way she latched on for her food. Anyways. When we returned home, Clara lost her little baby voice from crying so much. Now nothing was wrong, because the moment I would stand up and hold her, she would be fine. She soon became comfortable laying on my chest (yes now we had two acceptable positions), but would not dare spend a moment in her cradle--or anywhere else. Weeks went by, and I realized I had a very particular girl. I was nursing one afternoon, and wanted to catch up on some phone conversations. As soon as I started talking while nursing, little Clara unlatched looked up at me and gave a loud scream (to let me know she didn't appreciate my talking on the phone while I was nursing her). Next I tried reading while nursing. Clara let me know she didn't appreciate that either.

I have story after story of this little girl. She is very high maintenance, cries a lot (still), is incredibly particular, beyond active, yet so smart, funny and beautiful. I'm in love with this little cradle jumper, crib crier, carseat squirmer, high-chair escapee. I know she will be good to the world, because she wouldn't have it any other way! Happy First Birthday Clara Joyce Harrell.

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell


jennie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Claraaaaa....
Precious pics....Can NOT wait to hold her.
love you....

Tracy said...

LOVE the pictures! Happy birthday, Clara! See you Sunday!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

I'm in love with her, too!

Justine Garver said...

ooh my goodness! how cute!! great photos jewels!