Tuesday, May 11, 2010

15 Weeks Pregnant $

I'm 15 weeks pregnant! I don't have a photo of my belly yet, but I will get one up soon--as I am clearly showing. I have popped out faster than I thought I would--even with #3 Most of that is leftovers from the last pregnancy I do believe.

At first I had no clue I was pregnant. It started with a stomach flu. I was sick for 5 days with things that are TMI, and so my continued nausea that lingered for a couple weeks was clearly my recovering from a horrid stomach bug. A couple weeks later while spending the weekend with friends, we came home to learn that some of them ended up with a similar stomach flu. I spent the whole next day dead to the world on the couch, sleepy and ill. I somehow thought I had re-contracted this awful sickness and I was doomed for my hourly dates with mr. kohler. Since I had loads of work to finish by the following evening I told Chris I should take a pregnancy test. If it was negative I knew I'd be throwing up all night, and needed to accomplish all I could ASAP. BUT if it was positive, I figured I could curl up in bed and be the great procrastinator I'm known as and finish the work in the AM.

I opened up the opaque wrapper , visited mr. kohler, and was oddly surprised to see two pink lines on the test strip. My first thought, "Phew, I don't have to work tonight." My second thought, "Tell Chris!" And for the record, the second thought was almost a tie with the first thought, this was a close race people!

Yes, we were a bit skeptical not just because I had Chris buy the least expensive test on the market (because we all know if you pay more the test results increase in accuracy), but it was the HOW part that made me wonder. OK, so I know HOW how, but I was trying to pinpoint where things went array.... ;) And it turns out one needs to use preventive measures even in the shower. I know, huh?

Looking back I had all the typical 1st trimester symptoms too, I just had found ways to justify their cause.

Frequent Urination: I was breastfeeding Clara still, and drinking lots. (Drinking lots of water)
Tender areas: I was in the process of weaning from breast feeding, I assumed this caused any tenderness (AND not to mention, Clara decided to use "them" as teethers... being bitten while breastfeeding SUCKS!!)
Fatigue: I was only sleeping broken sleep 4-6 hours a night, as Clara would still not sleep at night.
Headaches: Lack of sleep
Nausea: I had the stomach flu (some bug huh?!)
lack of appetite: stress (and residual flu side effects)
And the obvious being 4 weeks late, well I chalked that up to breastfeeding as well!

SO, there you have it--the beginning of baby #3. Things so far have been running perfectly, and I'm soooo excited to finally feel all those tiny fleeting flutters of that little doodle growing inside of me.

AND since I don't have a photo of my incredible (not) 15 week body, here is an image from our first ultrasound at 11 weeks. I seriously can't wait to meet him/her!


Julie Harrell


mandy said...

Oh BABY I am so excited! Goodness....Congrats Jewels AND family. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy (ie no more visits to Mr. Kohler) pregnancy.

Lindsey said...

Congratulations!!! =) I hope you've been feeling better!

Dandelion and Grey said...

CONGRATS! That is very exciting! :)

Shelby Friesen said...

Love it!!

robbie said...

Shower baby = girl. I'd bet moolah on it! LOL Congrats!