Saturday, May 29, 2010

Could you imagine how sweet she would be? *Bellingham Maternity and Newborn Photographer*

These images are incredible to me. No, not because I was the person behind the lens, but because it shows this powerful idea of an expectant mother about to hold in her arms what she carries inside. The perfect transformation and renewing from the inside to the outside. I wish I could take credit for these poses, but I cannot. I was inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Carrie Sandoval. When I saw her do a before baby after baby photo series, I just had to give it a try. Stay tuned for more newborn photos of little miss Abbie in the next few days!


Julie Harrell


Aaron said...

Awesome! Well done Jewels!

Jo said...

Absolutely beautiful Jewels! Makes me want to go out and find a pregnant woman and say "You have GOT to have this shot!" Love it <3

medcalfphotography said...

C'est tres jolie!!!! Great concept Jewels :)

godessunseen101 said...

Wow these are amazing !!

joven said...

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