Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm in Love with a Carseat

Every carseat we've purchased has been a practical decision design wise. Actually design has never even been a consideration given what I thought was available in our carseat budget. I assumed these carseats couldn't possibly be as "cute" as some other more expensive models on the line.

Since Clara was growing and needed a new ride we knew there were 3 things we needed in said seat (safety being a given):
1. Something in our budget (yes dear)
2. Something that would fit in the backseat with both a booster seat and an infant seat
3. Something comfortable

One thing I wanted (again, safety is a given here too). Something stylish

I scoured blogs, retailers, google (and bing) as well as ebay. We took a family trip to "Babies R Us" just to touch some of the models of interest.

We finally narrowed down the search to three seats:
Britax Marathon (Found on sale here): I liked the safety ratings etc, but the pattern wasn't my style.
Graco My Ride: Style was OK, comfort was good, BUT it was too big for our vehical.
Safety First Alpha Omega Elite: This seat was all about comfort.

All were reasonable priced, all had great safety ratings, but I still wanted something with a little more pizazz.

Enter Maxi Cosi Piori. I saw the design and knew it was perfect. Clean lines, no frills, bold colors, European, safe and comfortable. I was sold... AND even better, it was almost 50% off?! I didn't hesitate to order it (after checking all the specs and reviews). It turned out to be the seat that takes up the least amount of space (17.5 inches wide) of my choices, and it was by far the most stylish.

I must say, that each time I go to put my girls in the "chick magnet" (our super cool 1990 white Buick), I feel happy putting Clara in her new seat. It looks pretty hip. I do have to mention, though, it did take both Chris and I reading the directions to figure out the setup. (I'm not much of a directions reader) But after an hour of arguing over what certain images meant, we got it in our car safely and snugly!


Clara, giving her best shot at deciphering those images in the manual. By the way, notice how after 15 minutes out of the box, there are already greasy finger marks on it?? GOODNESS SAKES!!:
Julie Harrell

Stock image, it looks so much better in person!
Julie Harrell