Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lucas 12 Days New *Bellingham Newborn Photographer*

Newborn photography is wonderful. I think this because I get to hold the most precious babies in their earliest days. Sometimes when I'm soothing them to sleep, I hold them just an extra moment because, well, wouldn't you?! They smell so pure and each feature is amazing, and even their little cries make my heart melt. Lucas Zachary Burd was no exception. He's perfect if you ask me. I hope your heart melts at his scrumptiousness too!


Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell


Tonya said...

AWWW my heart is dripping!

Chantel said...

Stop posting newborn pics....makes me want to have another one....and have you get some great shots!!!!

Curt and Kate said...

Oh my goodness!! I've never seen cuter photos in my whole life! AMAZING Jewels! loved them :)

ninarose said...

oh my! almost makes me want another one, now! especially the first image. Love the bucket, too!!

Jackie Jean said...

these images are perfect! love the one with the dad! :)