Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Back From Ohio

I just spent the last week enjoying the company of one of my bestest friends ever. Justine had her first baby, Ava Marie, and I was in heaven nuggling with that new little darling. I have some really neat newborn photos of Ava to post in the next couple weeks. I'll try to get those up quick for those dying to see her! The hardest part about returning home is having to fly into Seatac airport when its 58 degrees and raining. I told Chris that I never thought I would say it but "I missed Ohio!" The weather was wonderful and eating gourmet ice cream at night outside (while staying dry I might add) is something we rarely experience in Western Washington. And since I haven't uploaded my Ohio photos, and I know this post needs some sort of image, here are a couple of Madeline from last night. I took her out on a little date, she got all dolled up complete with blush and orange eye shadow. Cute huh?!


Julie Harrell

Julie Harrell