Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We're heading to our friend's house for a very fun gala today... I think they are roasting a whole pig in the pit too... But I can't remember. So do you know what"boom town" is? Today I just found out what it was, if you can believe that. We live next to a reservation, and I guess its where you go to buy all your fireworks. Why I didn't put boom town in this context I don't know. I'll chalk that up to pregnancy brain. Since I don't know what to post that is super creative, I'll just share my inspiration board for Madeline's 7th birthday party coming up. That dress (its pretty small on the inspiration board) we got a few months ago, its made by the super cute company Tea Collection, and see those precious stripey straws, yes I picked some of those up to at Anthropologie. And I know I forgot to erase all my personal info on the invites. But whatever, it would all come up on a google search anyhow!! Now I just need some epic idea for 7 year old portraits, I'm open to suggestions, and some super sweet shoes for Madeline. And to that end, I'd love to say "be safe" today, but lets face it... the 4th is so much more exhilarating with a little risky risky ;) Tomorrow I have some of the cutest one year old photos to share. This little guy has incredible eyes, you'll see soon...


Julie Harrell