Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day First Grade

Ok, so we had a major dilemma last night, the outfit Madeline had been dreaming of wearing to her first day of school was just not going to be practical due to rain. She was a little (as in tears welling up in her eyes) bummed, but I told her that she could wear her red trench, and life was better again! So we carefully re-planned the outfit and argued for 10 minutes about what shoes to wear with it and thankfully Chris stepped in and chose the "right" ones!! Now, was I sad to see her off today? You'd think with all my crazy pregnancy hormones I would have been crying all the way home, but I wasn't at all--let's be honest I was very excited to have school start today! As Clara and I walked back to the car, after an hour of labeling and organizing Madeline's desk and supplies and catching up with parents in the hall, Clara said, "sissy all gone." I think she's going to be the sad one the next few days.


Yes, this is Madeline missing her two front teeth, hard to tell, but they are gone.
Julie Harrell Photographer
Julie Harrell Photographer
Julie Harrell Photographer
Julie Harrell Photographer
Madeline is so excited to be in class with her friend Chloe, I wish I knew what they talking about here...
Julie Harrell Photographer


Kristen Krussow said...

OHHHHHH wonderful pictures! I was lucky to get ONE snap of each on in front of the front door. (no cameras allowed for me at school per kids rules :-( and I LOVE those last 2 pics with Chloe... just perfect! <3

Brie said...

I wish she was in my class this year! I can't handle all her cuteness!

Ashley Hopper said...

She is so grown up! She is just beautiful!

Nina said...

yea maddie! you look stunning!