Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Wow, that was a long two months away from my blog!! I have a ton to update, but I thought what better a time to share a couple photos of my girls than today. Juliet is still on oxygen, but since she ripped out her nasal canula and needed new tabs to hold it on her face, we did some photos with her tube-less. She's getting so big and strong. I'll share photos of her journey with-in the week. I've been putting together a long post to fill in gaps and details with some photos of her stay in the hospital and coming home. I love my family of 5 and having little Juliet with us to celebrate Christmas was the most perfect gift for us this year. Merry Christmas.


Julie Harrell
Julie Harrell
Julie Harrell
Julie Harrell
Julie Harrell


Meagan Penland said...

I can never believe how BEAUTIFUL all your girls are. And I LOVE their outfits! =) Glad you're settling in nicely to a family of 5. It's crazy, isn't it?! ;)

Joyce Cape said...

These girls are beautiful! That Madeline is ever the "first born"! She looks like she is so good with them!

Tonya said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! I love their style!!!

Jennifer Fawbush said...

They are soooo precious, Jewels! THANK YOU for posting pictures!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

awesome pictures!

Sarah said...

Wow- we have been SO out of touch. Juliet is absolutely beautiful, Jewels. All of your girls are! We absolutely MUST get in touch soon and catch up.

Sending love!